About Yatta Box


We’re a young and passionate company specialising in unique and custom food product packaging. 



At Yatta Box we understand that all good things start off with a bright idea – often described as a Eureka, or as they say in Japan, Yatta moment! However, turning your Yatta moment into a reality can often be a tricky (not to mention, costly) business. Over the years, we have come across both small food start-ups and large established companies, who are looking for unique ways to develop their business and maximise their branding in a way that is simple, effective and doesn’t blow their budget. This is where we come in.


Whether it is branded cups, plain packaging or an innovative solution that you’re after, we aim to source products with great quality at low cost to you.  We are one of the few suppliers of PP Plastic disposable cups in the UK – both printed and plain – which are highly sought after due to their ability to be sealed with plastic sealing film and high heat resistant properties. We are also proud of finding new, unique products such as our specialised baking tins, available in a number of shapes and colours and being the first ones to introduce them to the European market.


We have travelled to some of the largest international trade shows to handpick quality items to introduce to the market.


Yatta Box cares about the planet and the amount of wastage that disposable food packaging produces. With everything we do, we aim to select packaging from sustainable sources that is recyclable, environmentally friendly and also economical for you, our end user, in potentially reducing the amount of waste produced and time and money spent.


About our Custom Design Service


Our team of designers offer second to none customer service and support and will go the extra mile to make sure that you are happy with your design. Our Request a Quote page will put you in direct contact with our designers who will advise you along the way in order to ensure that your end product turns out exactly as you had imagined.


We print a variety of products and will offer honest advice if we think that a particular idea or design won’t work. We will always suggest an alternative or try to come up with a feasible solution.


Had a Yatta moment? Fantastic!


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Phone: +44(0)203 856 5884 | Email: hello@yattabox.com